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International Day of women:

I welcome you and thank you for joining us to celebrate INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WOMEN ON 8 MARCH 2016 United Nation New Year 2016 -CAREQUEEN Bangladesh cottage and handicrafts MAGAZIN 2016 journey-Care-Bangladesh work started its journey about 28 years ago as an NGO since 1989 to 2004.

Care Queen started its journey about 11 years ago as an The primary purpose of this organization is to help the destitute women who are employed and engaged in cottage industries in Bangladesh. We deal with those women who make their living by making verities of handicrafts such as paintings, embroidered quilts, bed spreads etc.

Bangladeshi women who are involved in making handicrafts they are talented. Their works have been appreciated around the world. But they do not get remuneration up to their talent. Why? Because of the lack of appropriate marketing opportunities. They cannot take their products to the appropriate market at the appropriate rate. The products that they make are undervalued, because their products are not priced at the International rate. The main reason behind the undervaluation at the International level is that their products are not exposed at the international level. Even at the local level, they cannot take their crafts to the market directly. More often than not, they are forced to hand over their crafts to the middle man and this class of middle man skims most of the profit.

Care queen has come forward to help these women so that they get proper appreciation and remuneration for their products. Primary goal of Care Queen is to expose these women and Girl’s their products in the local as well as international market. It is the goal of care queen to improve the marketing network so that their products can reach the consumers quickly and the lion’s share of the profit goes to the original makers and not to the middle man.

Empowerment with Traditional Crafts

In a dusty Village near Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Netrokona, and Tangail in Bangladesh. Over their families are spanning three generations to create an all-natural paper from discarded waste. They use their skills to keep them in the job and out from poverty. However, the returns for their labor need to be multiplied by the intervention of Governments and agencies. The policy of the Bangladesh Government to support cottage industries has helped to increase profits substantially. National Hand-made Paper Institute that now offers training and laboratory testing to ensure that the industry produces good quality products for export. This is an example of how the traditional skills of poor people can be used to raise them out of poverty. This is achieved with the support of Governnent policies, international marketing strategies, and the support of an international agency to maintain quality and market promotion. Source: Prepared from: Choices: The Human Development CARE QUEEN MOTHER & DAUGHTER Magazine, CAREQUEEN 2015. (CAREQUEEN Bangladesh cottage SUPPORT INDUSTRIES)

Care Queen organized an Exhibition

Exhibition 2nd Dhaka Club in 2008

Exhibition Picture Exhibition Picture Exhibition Picture