CARE QUEEN & KING FOUNDAITON GLOBAL FAMILY NETWORK INC (CQKFGF) is an organization focused on empowering women”s and Girl’s lives through work with the harmony of nature.


A greener tomorrow – protecting the sustainability and community development for Bangladeshi underprivileged rural women environment, empowering the women and girl’s, and engage giving.


CQKFGF is an organization with social responsibility. The philosophy of this organization is to work with the corporate world to manufacture and export environment friendly products. Creating sociable work opportunity CQKFGF initiates economic sustainability and community development for Bangladeshi underprivileged rural women. As a social responsibility CQKFGF pledges generous amount of its revenue towards the betterment of Bangladeshi distressed children.


Our goal is to promote and facilitate “Green Jobs for Women and Girl’s in Bangladesh”. Green jobs are crucial for preserving the environment and also to provide decent work for women and Girl’s, advance the economy, promote gender equality and social equity. We focus on training women and providing them with ‘Green jobs” that meet the demand and provides adequate wages, safe working conditions which also preserves or restores the quality of the environment.

The core objective of CARE QUEEN & KFGFNI (CQKFGFNI) is to enhance the quality of life of poor women and girl as a whole. Being in a predominantly patriarch society the women of Bangladesh suffers a lot from gender discrimination both socially and economically. Women’s work is often undervalued and underreported. Discriminatory rules, patriarchal social norms and unbalanced inheritance laws make it difficult for women to work and sustain in many jobs. Women are on average 70% less likely than men to be in the labor force. Research suggests that a more flexible and family-friendly workplace that allows for equitable and efficient distribution of time among household members can attract more female talents to the work force. In order to empower women to seek and demand better workplace opportunities and pay, skill training for them is required to be instituted. In order to have sustainable and long term economic growth the two core drivers; women and their talents; need to be developed and utilized. However, skill training alone is not sufficient if they can’t utilize the skills in male-dominated and controlled workplace. Our goal thus is also to facilitate the trained women with ‘green jobs’ by creating new productive entrepreneurships.

The people of Bangladesh have been already heavily affected by the climate change in dramatic ways. An estimated 20 million people are at risk of being displaced from their home due to drastic effects of climate change that includes flooding, erosion, rising temperature and water pollution. Women are increasingly being seen as more vulnerable than men to the effects of climate change because they represent the majority of the nation’s poor and are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources. Having environmental awareness in addition to skillful training is necessary for sustainable development of women.

As an organization with social awareness, CQKF’s primary goals are:

  1. Provide sector-specific skills and vocational training to women to access new opportunities and transfer/join to a new occupation that has low carbon footprint.
  2. Create environmental awareness among females through educational training. Education is critical for promoting sustainable development and improving the capacity of the people to address environment and development issues.
  3. Design, launch, run and facilitate new business ‘CAREQEEN green entrepreneurship’ that engage women labor force and promote ‘CAREQEEN green jobs and green training and green planning event and workshops and conferences .

Farida Yesmin
Founder of Chairman
165 quincy st Apt. 2A
Mobile: 347 484 8198